Out Philosophy

"Creating a Little World on Your Dining"

"Creating a Little World on Your Dining



Musubi Labは、和食器のある暮らしの提案を通じて、

Colorful, various shaped tableware from different origins harmonize in one dining table.
We name the creative harmony born from the unity of those tableware a “microcosm of the dining table.”
We believe that a microcosmos of dining table will bring a refined taste in depth for dining time and create one’s life brighter.
Throughout our introduction on the life with Japanese tableware, we create a prosperous future created by diverse bonding between Japanese tableware and tableware of the world, craftsmen and users, and people in the world.

Our Business

「むすび窯 - MUSUBI KILN」

むすび窯「Musubi Kiln」は、日本各地の伝統食器を海外向けに販売するダイニングウェアブランド。
Musubi Kiln is a tableware brand that sells traditional Japanese tableware to overseas



We introduce our buyer’s selective products in a high quality and design original items which allow each customer to infuse Japanese tradition in everyday life.
It is one of our features that our media contents focusing on the “life with traditional tableware” for customers across the world, by introducing the behind story of tableware, the way how to enjoy table setting, and Japanese food recipes.